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Welcome to Aenorm.nl. This is the site of the magazine Aenorm. Aenorm aims to reach a level which is somewhere between those of students and actual science.

It is a magazine by the VSAE, the study association of Econometrics, Actuarial Sciences and Operational Research at the University of Amsterdam.

On this website you can find online editions of the Aenorm. It is also possible to search for particular themes in our article database.

The purpose of the Aenorm is to inform all students and others that are interested in the fields of actuarial science, econometrics and operational research.

Aenorm shows them the diversity of these fields. With doing so it provides a platform for students, teachers and businessmen.

If you want to receive a written version of the Aenorm it is possible to subscribe on this site. For other questions and comments you can e-mail to aenorm@vsae.nl.


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