The VSAE is the association for students Actuarial Sciences, Econometrics and Operational Research. The VSAE was founded in 1963 and organizes events for students of the University of Amsterdam.

In the past 50 years the VSAE has grown to become one of the biggest in its field. We try to make the study of  all our members more pleasant by organizing both serious and relaxing activities.

The serious activities involve studyrelated projects like the “Actuariaatcongres” (an Actuarial Congress) and the “Beroependagen” on which students are introduced into the business world. Also we organize an annual study journey in which a group of students will have the opportunity to learn something about a foreign culture and at the same time will challenge ourselves by solving a case. Every year we also organize the Econometric Game, a worldwide competition between universities.

Examples of relaxing activities are sporting events and feasts. Every year a freshman committee is assembled to organize these kinds of events, which introduces new students to VSAE and gives them the opportunity to get to know our association.

Last but not least we organize a free drink on a monthly basis. So if you want to get to know us better, take a look at our agenda and join one of our activities!

www.vsae.nl (UvA)



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